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After 27 years of existence, Eurofootball is closed

After 27 years of existence, Eurofootball is closed

On March 25, a meeting of the SCC (State Gambling Commission) will be held, which will withdraw the license of Eurofootball.

The company has established itself on the market as the only land bookmaker in the country, providing its clients with over 800 points in the whole country. For 27 years, Eurofootball has achieved unprecedented success, distributed huge profits and successfully competed with online operators.

An address addressed to the bookmakers appeared on the bookmaker's official website. The team of Eurofootball asks 10 questions, to which a specific answer awaits.

The company was expected to open March 25 and pay over BGN 420,000 to winning clients. Due to the current situation, it is not clear when this will happen.

Attach an image with questions asked by the company team:

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