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Framed: Euro 2020 on the pre-game for 2021.

Framed: Euro 2020 on the pre-game for 2021.

The videoconference brought together all the members of the European Football Federation Federation Signals until the unanimous decision of Euro 2020 and all of this was held.

Crossed, in co-participation of 55 federations - members at UEFA, starting at 11:00. Imagine, in every country, they have agreed on Euro 2020 and put it off from the same date.

For example, the European Championship, starting on June 11, 2021 and continuing exactly a month, until July 11, 2021. Allow me to let you go on the tubery and the Euro Tournaments, then they will give a presentation, sorting out the situation.

Honors: Shefovete on La Liga sa categorically, than before play

Everything is still not clear when they will lose the bargain for Euro 2020, in Bulgaria it is a good selection for Ungaria.

It is now clear that this camp has made it clear that more often than before there will be a cessation, including the one in Russia. Prez izminalya kregg Premier League to carry out by chance the beginning, without being taken away for visiting on the macho.

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