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Football game with predictions for the matches of the top European championships with over BGN 2,000 in prize money

The total prize fund of the game is over BGN 2,000, and further prizes will be added during the competition. If you like Sportalaxy games and want us to make even more and more intriguing games, share with friends and support us by making a new registration from our WinBet or PalmsBet links. This will help our development, and the rewards in our games will become even more attractive.

The game takes place within the framework of the football championships of the top championships in Europe - Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A, La Liga and Ligue 1 and includes matches selected by Sportalaxi (from the first to the last round, according to the schedule of the respective championships). The matches for each of the rounds will be added to the website as follows:
- for the weekend matches from Friday to Sunday - on Thursday;
- for other meetings from Monday to Thursday - on Sunday;
On the same days - Thursday and Sunday, the Sportalaxy team can also add matches from the tournaments for the various cups in the respective countries, depending on the circulation.

The prizes for the winners of the final standings after the tournament final are:
- first prize for the participant with the most points - BGN 500 + weekend for two
- second prize for the participant who is second in the ranking - BGN 300 + tablet
- third prize for the participant who is third in the ranking - BGN 100 + external battery for charging mobile devices
- fourth prize for the participant who is fourth in the ranking - BGN 50 + a wooden panel with the emblem of a team of your choice
- fifth prize for the participant who is fifth in the ranking - BGN 30 + fitness bracelet
- the participants who finished from the sixth to the twentieth place receive BGN 20 each + 2 beer mugs with the logo of a team of their choice.
Rewards are not final, new ones will be added as the game progresses.

Apart from these prizes, Sportalaxy will give each winner of the game's monthly leaderboard a mug with the logo of a team of their choice.

In case of equal points among the participants in the final ranking, the criteria for determining the winner will be in the following order:
- total number of known exact results;
- total number of known differences in favor of the winner of the matches;
- total number of known winners;
- lots;

You do not lose points in the game - the more predictions you make, the greater the chance to be ahead of the leaderboard.

For every match you can predict exact result. Scoring in the game is based on the following scheme:

- for the months from August to October inclusive, if you know the exact result you get 5 points, if you know the difference for the winner you get 3 points and if only the winner is known you get 1 point.
- for the months from November to January inclusive, if you know the exact result you get 7 points, if you know the difference for the winner you get 4 points and if only the winner is known you get 2 points.
- for the months from February to May inclusive, if you know the exact result you get 10 points, if you know the difference for the winner you get 5 points and if only the winner is known you get 3 points.

Points do not add up, so the most you can earn is 5, 7 or 10 points from a match, depending on the period.

For example, for a match played in September, you give a 2:1 win for the home team and the match ends just like that. You earn 5 points. If the match ends 1:0 you have guessed the difference for the winner and earn 3 points. If the final score is 3:0 you only know the winner and earn 1 point.

Each participant can get additional points in the ranking by sharing the game. Sharing earns points only once each month - no matter how many times you share the game in a given month, you will receive the bonus points once. The sharing points are as follows - August - 10 pts, September - 20 pts, October - 30 pts, November - 40 pts, December - 50 pts, January - 60 pts, February - 70 pts, March - 80 points, April - 90 points, May - 100 points. The total number of bonus points that you can get is 550 points for the entire period of the game.

Sportalaxi reserves the right to change the general rules of the game and Sportalaxi's decisions on all matters related to the game are final.

The game will be accompanied by additional games for the most interesting tournaments, follow our page. Scoring is done so that even entrants who join at a later stage have a chance to reach the prize spots. Of course, players who joined from the beginning will not be harmed. In-game rewards may increase as tournaments progress. To do this, share, invite friends and make registrations through our banners.

This season we will only be adding the more interesting matches, so the matches of favorites like PSG and Man City will often be absent. The lowest odds from a bookmaker for a match that is featured in our game will be 1.60.

And a few words from the Sportalaxy team. The game we're making is huge in scale and it's for fun. We are happy to repeat it for the second year in a row and we hope to be even more interesting for you.
You can invite friends and compete, determine the best among you or just play for personal enjoyment. The more people gather, the more fun and unpredictable it will become. The matches we will publish and process for you will be over 1000 within the next 9 months. With the game we will learn from each other, for which we will also ask for your support and comments. And yet - if you like our work, you can return to the beginning of this article and register yourself, your relative, friend or acquaintance on the specified links to the bookmakers. To make our games bigger and increase the number and size of our prizes. Success!
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