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Unique: A Napoli football player donates € 100,000 to local hospitals

Unique: A Napoli football player donates € 100,000 to local hospitals

Napoli's goal scorer and current team captain, Lorenzo Insine, has won the respect of the football public, but this time not with his actions on the pitch.

The low attacker donated € 100,000 to local hospitals battling the spreading coronavirus. As we know, Italy is the most affected country on the Old Continent, and hospitals need more and more new beds.

"I am truly grateful to Lorenzo, who is one of the main contributors to this difficult time," the governor of the district expressed his admiration.

Mass events of the Apennines are banned until April 3rd. An extension of time is not excluded if the situation with COVID-19 is not resolved within the next two weeks.

For the past 24 hours, unpleasant tidings of infected Serie A players have arrived. Daniele Rugani was the first diagnosed Apennine football player, and Dusan Vlachovic of Fiorentina was also detected with a coronavirus, as well as five Sampdoria players - Albin Ekdal, Manino Anabini, Manolo Gabionini , Morten Torsby and Omar Collie.

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