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Bookmakers in Bulgaria

Bookmakers in Bulgaria

Which bookmakers can I use in Bulgaria? How do I register and win? Here is a list of the most popular bookmakers in Bulgaria.


It is no accident that we start with our 1xBet friends. This bookmaker often offers the best odds on the Bulgarian market. In addition, 1xBet is the official sponsor of the Italian Serie A, the football club Barcelona and many more. The bookmaker offers numerous betting options for almost every sporting event. There are also "weird" type bets - is there a David Beckham tattoo on his left thigh, etc.

In addition to the high odds, the advantage of 1xBet is their 1xBit website, where you can place your bets with cryptocurrency.



Bet365 is the world leader in online betting. The biggest company in the world and according to many fans - the best for sports betting.


PalmsBet is a partner in Sportalaxy games.


WinBet - относительно новый букмекер, который предлагает своим клиентам довольно хорошие варианты ставок. Бонусная программа хороша, в дополнение к бонусу до 200 левов за новую регистрацию, она позволяет до 100 левов за пополнение счета.


A relatively unknown person in our country, BWin has been a long-time sponsor of Real Madrid and has recently been expanding its home market.


The Bulgarian bookmaker is known among the fans. EFBet often offers very high odds that are attractive to players.

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