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Игра с прогнозами на матчи сборных 15-24 ноября 2023 г.

The game takes place for the period November 15-24, 2023. and includes matches selected by Sportalaxy. Matches will be added up to 2 days before they are played. We will include all the interesting matches from the qualifiers and friendlies in this period.

You do not lose points in the game - the more predictions you make, the greater the chance to be ahead of the leaderboard.

For every match you can predict exact result. Scoring in the game is according to the following scheme - if you know the exact result you get 5 points, if you know the difference for the winner you get 3 points and if only the winner is known you get 1 point.

Points do not add up, so the maximum you can earn is 5 points from one match.

For example, for a match you give a 2:1 win for the home team and the match ends just like that., You win 5 points. If the match ends 1:0 you have guessed the difference for the winner and earn 3 points. If the final score is 3:0 you only know the winner and earn 1 point.

The description of each prediction must be a minimum of 40 characters.

In the event of a tie in points in the final ranking, the winner will be selected according to the following criteria in numerical order:
- more known accurate results;
- a draw.

Share the game from the "Share" button and add 50 points to your asset in the final ranking!

- The prize for the winner of the game is an external charging battery for a phone and a voucher for BGN 10 shopping at Emag.
- The second and third in the final ranking will receive a voucher for BGN 5 shopping at Emag.

Predictions that are copied from another participant in order of arrival number in the system or from another site, as well as those that are obviously meaningless or unrelated to the upcoming meeting, will be directly deleted.

Share the game so all your friends can participate! Good luck!
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