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Birthday - 11 May 2024

Birthday - 11 May 2024

Today's birthday boy is certainly one of the most popular and titled goalkeepers of our time. Winner of the La Liga title with Atletico Madrid and with Real Madrid, the England title with Chelsea, the Champions League, the Europa League and the Club World Cup. These are just some of Thibaut Courtois' successes, and he turns just 32 today. A perfect football age for a goalkeeper.

Despite an Olympic gold medal and more than 100 games for the Mexican national team, Giovani dos Santos left the impression that he was another young star who did not fully develop his potential. The Barcelona youngster turns 35 today, but has not been an active footballer for 3 seasons.

The 118th birthday of a club that was in its heyday at the beginning of the new millennium. Participating in the Champions League, the first champion of Spain in the new century, Deportivo la Coruña has not been the same team for years and reaching La Liga seems a distant dream. Super Depor has over the years hosted star players such as Roy Mackay, Bebeto, Rivaldo, and Bulgarians Emil Kostadinov and Ilian Kiryakov. Happy birthday!


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