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Cristiano scores half goals since leaving Real Madrid

Cristiano scores half goals since leaving Real Madrid

The Portuguese forward has scored only 6 goals so far this season and stayed close to thirty goals last year (28).
Cristiano Ronaldo is not living his best physical fit. His performance has been closely linked for a decade to a great scoring ability with huge historical records, and now with Juventus, it seems that he is going through hard times, away almost to the almost perfection we are used to seeing in him.
In recent weeks his scoring level and his performance have been a trending topic, but also about Maurizio Sarri’s decisions, who is not afraid to replace him if his performance is not at his best. The Portuguese forward usually don’t agree with these types of decisions of his coach and several visible, public reactions have already been seen, in which Cristiano Ronaldo has shown his discomfort, his discontent, and even his anger.
Rumor has it that Cristiano Ronaldo is going through the worst times of his career. They also firmly affirm that his best physical fitness has already passed, that his 34 years are already a handicap for his performance and that in Italy he is signing the first pages of his erosion, his decay, his goodbye to the world of football. All this is going on while he is still playing, taking minutes, with positive performances, even scoring goals.
But when a privileged generation of fans is used to see scoring numbers that never dropped below 30 goals, even overcoming the barrier of 50 goals in one season at some point, obviously his current status may tend to disappoint. Some even claim that the end of his career begins to rise on the horizon. But how has Cristiano Ronaldo's historical record been? Is this downturn as important and relevant as to convert it into a solid argument for his upcoming exit?
2002-03 season, 5 goals in 31 games. 
2003-09: 118 goals in 292 games.
2009-18 season. Total: 450 goals in 438 games.
2018-20 season. Total: 34 goals in 57 games. (Still in progress).
Since 2003, 95 goals in 162 games.

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