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Did you know about these 5 additions to the rules of football

Did you know about these 5 additions to the rules of football

There are situations in football that are less frequent, but the referee should be aware of them and make a timely decision if such a case is reached. We present you the top 5 rules that are unknown to a wide audience.

The player is not allowed to touch again after the penalty
If the penalty shooter hits the beam and the ball goes back to him, he is not allowed to fire again at the door. Such action is punishable by indirect free kick. Of course, if his shot is parried by the goalkeeper, the resulting addition will be completely correct.

If the ball is stopped by a foreign object, no goal is awarded
We have witnessed animals, humans, and inanimate objects invading the field during a duel. If the ball moves towards the door but is stopped by an outside object, the hit is not counted regardless of the proximity to the goal line.

A direct free kick is not counted
If a player scores an own goal after a direct free kick, the hit is canceled and a corner is awarded to the opposing team. However, if a player touches the ball, the goal is recognized.

Penalty draw
In regular time and extra time, 11-meter penalty kicks are executed. If one of the teams is left with 10 people on the field, the opponent has to take out one of their competitors in order to reach a tie (10 vs 10).

High leg up in the penalty area
A dangerously raised leg or obstruction within the penalty area, where direct contact with an opposing player does not occur, is punished by an indirect free kick, not a penalty. Defensive players stand 9 meters away from the ball, and if this is not possible, they should line up on the goal line with the goalkeeper.

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