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Esports WinBet Tournament with a prize pool of BGN 15,000.

Esports WinBet Tournament with a prize pool of BGN 15,000.

Electronic sports have become the most popular online entertainment tool among sports fans. This led to the emergence of a special tournament in WinBet, whose prize pool is BGN 15,000.

The competition is open to all registered users of the bookmaker who have bet real money in the “eSports” section or have participated in bets on FIFA and PES from the “Football” section.

No minimum qualifying bet is imposed, but no bonus bets are accepted.

To increase your chances of winning a race, you must earn more and earn points. Here's the formula for calculating them:

Number of Points = (Profit / Bet) * Average stake in the last 24 hours

During the first 6 days of the tournament one prize is given at 300 or 500 BGN, and several smaller ones (200 BGN, 100 BGN, 50 BGN, 20 BGN). However, on the last day of the race (DAY 7), the following three top prizes are awarded:

1 prize - 5000 BGN;
1 prize - 2000 BGN;
1 prize - BGN 1000.

The bonus is credited by 11pm the next day. The winnings are not tied to any additional conditions for betting, that is, you can use them for bets on other sections or download them instantly.

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