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FIFA Doing Anything to Eradicate Racism in Football

FIFA Doing Anything to Eradicate Racism in Football

FIFA and the Racism

Racism has been a bad mark on the Football game for generations but a series of high-profile incidents in recent years has prompted calls for tougher action from football's governing bodies. FIFA examines why racism continues to be a problem, what is being done to tackle discrimination and whether it can be eradicated from the game forever.
FIFA told that on-field racism didn't exist in football and that those who thought they'd been abused during a game should simply shake hands upon the final whistle and move on. Later a task force against racism was formed to deal with matter red-handed.
FIFA also formulated proposals that any player or official found guilty of racism. They will be banned for five matches and the team will be out from the competition. UEFA, European football's governing body, noticing the FIFA proposal made a minimum 10-match ban for player or team found guilty of Racism.

But What Happens Now?? Why this task Force for Anti-Racism was disbanded???

The FIFA Task Force against Racism and Discrimination was set up in 2013 and withdrawn stating that it had achieved its mission. Oh Really??? Have arisen questions from many players worldwide.
Yaya Toure, who was a consultant to the task force said: “The task force brought together the expertise of campaigners, football administrators and players. It was a resource that gave FIFA the expertise they clearly did not have before. The task force made several initiatives to do a favor for players and the supporting players. They also questioned FIFA when it neglected its duty”. But what happens now when you ban task force.

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Does FIFA is not doing enough to stamp out racism. In response, FIFA said that “the fight against racism is of the utmost importance”.
Football is a wonderful game and loved by millions of fans worldwide. No other Sport is followed by people like football. It is the Responsible of the FIFA and other football organizations to make the game as beautiful as it and teach fans and players a dignity and anti-racism ideologies by making campaigns and stringent laws. Rather than laws and regulations, FIFA should make famous non-African players to campaign against racism to their fans and in their country. These things will leave a better place in football for the players who aspire to achieve in it.


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