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Forecast for Ludogorets - Levski

Forecast for Ludogorets - Levski

From 18:30 at Ludogorets Arena the champions of Bulgaria will host Levski. The meetings between these two rivals have always offered tense moments, controversial situations and many goal situations. This match will not differ from the previous championship clashes played by the Eagles and the Blues.
This time, the intrigue is whether Levski will be able to win the necessary points by the end of the season to fight for the last place, giving the right to participate in the Europa League in the fall. The match in Razgrad is a good opportunity for Sofia to raise their self-confidence and to overtake CSKA in the provisional standings of the championship.
Ludogorets once again managed to secure the title ahead of schedule and will use its matches until the end of the season to play its squad for the upcoming battles in the Champions League. On the other hand, Levski is experiencing a financial collapse, which inevitably affects the club and its players. However, the "blues" almost managed to win the "Eternal Derby" against CSKA. Then their success literally slipped away in the last minutes of the match.
A nervous match followed with one of their "nightmares" - Slavia. The 1: 2 loss in Sofia should be a signal to Gerena's management that there is a lot of work to complete the team, and the euphoria from the actions of the "blue" supporters seems to fade.
Now on the agenda is the match in Razgrad, as Levski has every reason to leave at least one point from the stadium of Ludogorets. First of all, the hosts have nothing to play for until the end of the season, except for their reputation and honor. On the other hand, the points are more necessary for the "blues" and they will be distributed as much as possible at "Ludogorets Arena" to please their fans, but also to prove that they have the strength to fight the champion of Bulgaria.
In the last round of the championship, the Eagles finished for the 6th time in a row on a par with CSKA. This time the result was 1: 1, as the "reds" definitely missed the victory at the "Bulgarian Army" stadium. It can be said that just as Slavia is the "black cat" for Levski, so the "eagles" are the nightmare for CSKA.
My prediction is for a goal draw or even minimal success for the guests in Razgrad. The more probable final result could be 1: 1 or 2: 1 for Levski. I expect both teams to show dynamic and attacking football, but perhaps the psychological advantage is on the side of the "blues", who have already beaten Ludogorets in a championship match, and winning the 3 points is extremely important for Sofia.
It is unlikely that the match will end with more than 2.5 goals scored.

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