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France prevailed over Moldova and led the group.

France prevailed over Moldova and led the group.

Chelsea striker Olivier Giroud scored the winning goal from the penalty spot as the French world champions fell behind 0-1 and thus overtook the underdog in the Moldova Group in the Euro 2020 qualifying game. group H.

France has already secured a Euro 2020 ranking thanks to Turkey's homeland equality with Iceland.

Vadim Rata led Moldova surprisingly ahead 0-1 after only nine minutes of play, after a serious mistake by Barcelona defender Clement Langle, which definitely did not fit his class.

Rafael Varan equalized for France, then Giroud scored from the penalty spot to form the final 2-1 draw for Didier Deschamps.

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On Sunday, the French will have to travel to Albania for their last match of the group qualification round. The roosters will win the group as long as they avoid being defeated by the hosts' tough team. Even if France lose and remain in the top of the group, it would only be possible if Turkey fails to score against Andorra on the same day.

Otherwise, before scoring from the white spot, Giroud was close to scoring a few times, but got away with a goal.

The striker has shown impressive performance for his national team, as he has already scored four goals in his last five games for France. However, things for his club team Chelsea do not stand this way, as he managed to sign only once this season, and he even rarely finds a place in the title 11 in the Lampard squad.

Giroud's last goal for Chelsea was in the defeat to Liverpool in August.


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