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MoiseKen58 | Tip for Genk - Club Bruges | 08.01.2023

Result: 3:1
A very miserable match awaits us from the Belgian championship. Indeed, the opponents are at the top of the standings and have good players, especially Bruges, but as we saw at the World Cup in Qatar, the Belgian style of play does not give special results in the important matches. The visitors definitely have an advantage in the clashes between the two teams, while the hosts lead the standings and are having a pretty solid year. So I'm throwing a fat as a cheap fake cheese patty from a neighborhood Hicks patty shop and giving away the points in the style of a loser party in the center of Sofia with the participation of vagrants who found a half-full bottle of alcohol and a full box of snowdrops - suddenly all the participants go from enemies to friends because the pleasant turn of events.
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