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MoiseKen58 | Tip for Valencia - Cadiz | 06.01.2023

Result: 0:1
Another decent match from the program of the bullfighting championship. Gattuso's bats are like a fishing boat full of fish, but you can brag about successes, but they are pretty measly. The former clean Frenchman and current Guinean Mukhtar Diakabi will defend the goal of the home team against the raids of the guests like a pumped-up fitness man his sweaty equipment. Meanwhile, the famous seafarer Thierry Courey, who wears a green nose (hence Cape Verdean roots) will be on the wing as Dancho weaves in a 1 v 1. In the end, the hosts will take theirs as Volen Siderov takes his daily dose of alcohol already at 10 o'clock in the morning.
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