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Ivovt | Tip for Lazio - AZ Alkmaar | 07.03.2023

Прогоза: Win for Lazio
Result: Win for AZ Alkmaar
It's time for justifications to come back with a bang, as the weather outside is nice now. The first game is pretty clear to me - don Cigarini's boys vs AZ Alkmaar. In my opinion, the Eagles will attack the Dutch as well, after they did the same in Naples on Friday. Kyro the Immovable will be dangerous both on and off the pitch today, teasing the decent Lazio fans. The MEs will have their chances, but Vankata Provedel will be at the level today and will lock his door more securely than an uncle who locked the cellar with the pickled cabbage of envious neighbors. Of course, in typical Italian fashion, there will be many cards, arguments between the players, but in the end the eagles will fly boldly to victory.
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