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Ivovt | Tip for Benfica - Inter Milano | 11.04.2023

Tip: Win for Benfica
Result: Win for Inter Milano
We all learned that eagles are birds of prey and like to eat all kinds of things, especially snakes. I expect this to be confirmed today. Printer are in poor form, Moncata Inzaghi is one step away from the job market, while Benfica fly confidently towards another Portuguese title. I expect the match to be more of a fight between two tough guys for a decent girl in 33, but in the end the match will be won by a narrow margin by the Portuguese. The Cameroonian prince at the door of Printer Andre Onana will play a good game again, but in front of Rafa Silva, he will be more helpless than a drunk driver in front of the Okolomursnoto cops, who caught him driving at least 58 km/h more than the limit.
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