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MoiseKen58 | Tip for Burnley - Manchester City | 11.08.2023

Прогоза: Win for Manchester City
Result: Win for Manchester City
Ladies, gents and other sexes, the league of gentlemen is back as a summer heavy hitter after some serious shenanigans in Western Europe. The first match of the chip-shaped series will be the fierce derby between the newly landed Eggplants led by the legendary citizen Vince Eggplant and the old new champions from Manchester. I expect the battle between the Norwegian golden haired Arling Braat Haaland and the newly hatched blonde Vut Weghorst will end in favor of the Viking. Like nothing to see some shoving under the table by the old pep warrior, and in the meantime we will listen to the stellar commentary of Victor the Interrupter, and in the studio of Diema Spirit 2, the star couple Boryu Chips and Noisey - the everything man will once again grunt.
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