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MoiseKen58 | Tip for Арис - Ракув | 15.08.2023

Result: 0:1
A rather tough clash is ahead for the Polish conchs in Cyprus. Aris somehow managed to score a respectable goal to keep their chances good and now in front of their own crowd they will want to crush the sea creatures like a hungry seagull gobbling up a portion of sprats from an unsuspecting kid collecting pokemons on his expensive but rather battered phone. I expect a full recital of powerful attacks from the star duo of Limassol - the Senegalese midfielder Yannick Gomis and the Gabonese with the sonorous name of Xavi Babichka. It's as if the guests from Poland should be served from the plane with vodka, pelmeni and garlic and from the first minute to park the bus as a driver of Union Ivkoni in the sight of grumbling grandmothers.
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