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MoiseKen58 | Tip for Осиек - Адана Демирспор | 17.08.2023

Result: 3:2
Ladies and gentlemen, we have reached my favorite matches involving Ottoman teams. Adana kebab spor are quite decent and are led by the flying tulip Patrick Kluivert. In the first game, the Ottomans went through the Croats like a hungry ganyo through tripe soup and meatballs washed in white sauce and 10 slices of cheap unbaked bread. I expect today that the hero for the Ottomans will once again be Sherif Endiaye, who will once again fill the hosts' net like a grandmother fills a basket with tomatoes and peppers from the garden for her beloved grandchildren. The Ottomans will easily go on and the Croats will ingloriously eat lamb meatballs after the match.
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