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Ivovt | Tip for Augsburg - Monchengladbach | 19.08.2023

Прогоза: Win for Augsburg
Result: Draw
The afternoon games start promisingly with a match between the little Bavarians from Augsburg and the colts from Mönchengladbach. A lot of chips will be eaten at this game and a lot of beer will be poured. Although Augsburg don't have many famous players apart from Ottoman league legend and pure German Mergim Berisha, they will fight. The stallions will now be less violent after the departure of their leader Patrick Herman and Marcus Thuram, who went to the advantage in Printer. The pure Frenchman Alassane Plea will not be enough and will turn out to be more than a donut man on the beach in Michurin. I'm betting an easy win for Augsburg, who will make a horse sujuk.
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