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Valentin Georgiev | Tip for Manchester United - Reading | 28.01.2023

Result: 3:1
United's squad has been in great form since the sale of Ronaldo. The players started to have fun on the field and the results came on the face. The goal is clear - mandatory ranking in the top 4. For the moment, it seems that United has the strength to achieve it. Only the loss to Arsenal a week ago with 3:2 can have a little demotivating effect, but 3 days ago they beat Nottingham 0:3 away for the other cup in England, so we consider the team stabilized after the loss to Arsenal in the name of the winning move. I can't say much about Reading as I don't follow them, but this is a mid-table team in the Championship. United shows that it has a desire for a trophy, so it will play to the maximum against every opponent. Success!
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