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Ivovt | Tip for Alexander Zverev - Tomas Martin Etcheverry | 07.06.2023

Tip: Win for Alexander Zverev
Result: Win for Alexander Zverev
After expectedly defeating our Grisho in the last round, Sashko Zverev has, at least on paper, an even easier match against the Argentine Thomas Martin Etcheverry, who, before this tournament, I didn't even know existed, but here he is one of the nice ones surprises this year. So far, the Beast and the Gauchos have not played against each other, which, however, will hardly be a problem for the favorite, who will record a routine but important victory and a place in the semi-finals. The Argentine has nothing to lose, he will take risks calmly, but it is unlikely that he will succeed, and Zverev will have fun on the court and fight calmly today.
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