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MoiseKen58 | Tip for Днипро-1 - Търнава | 31.08.2023

Result: 1:1
Ladies and gentlemen, another measly clash has appeared on the horizon like a tanned lifeguard staring at every slightly exposed overripe bi-lion on the Michurin beach. The match between Dnipro 58 and Spirtak Tarnava is very difficult to predict, as gamblers call it, the match is triple sign. I give a minimal win for the guests from Turnava, for the simple reason that all the well-shaped Ukrainian women are on the yachts of rich people in the Mediterranean Sea and there is no incentive left for the Dnipro football players, except to bathe by the river with some heavy-duty cook. There were 2 red cards in the last game and although this game will be as rough as a peasant after having his wine stolen, this time the match will not be painted red.
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