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Messi made me a better player: Who Said?

Messi made me a better player: Who Said?

Every legend needs an opponent to challenge and showcase their own skills. This is the case true in all areas, maybe its Sports, Business, Education, and Technology. Cristiano Ronaldo statement about Lionel Messi also portrayed the competitive Relationship carried between them in their long international football career.
Cristiano Ronaldo admitted on an event his long-time rivalry with Lionel Messi has made him “a better player” and that he enjoys a “healthy” rivalry with the Argentine great. However, Ronaldo admitted that the pair have never socialised together.
Ronaldo said, “I really admire the career he has had and from his side, he has already talked of the disappointment when I left Spain because it was a rivalry that he appreciated,”
 For Instance, Michael Jordan had rivalries in basketball, In Formula One there was Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost. The thing they all had in common is that they were healthy rivalries. “It’s a good rivalry but it’s not unique.
Ronaldo Also said, “I have no doubt that Messi has made me a better player and vice-versa. When I am winning trophies it must sting him and it’s the same for me when he wins,” he said. “We have an excellent professional relationship because we have been sharing the same moments for 15 years. But, we’ve never had dinner together. But I don’t see why we can’t in the future. I don’t see a problem with that,”

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Ronaldo made clear to his fans and people that “Lionel Messi and he created milestone from their counterpart records to unleash them in the football”. This is the “True Sportsmanship” and it should be understood clearly by the young players who aspire to become legends like them.
Every sportsman should know this key, There are many football players, but only a few players become legends and they will only when they have special qualities apart from talent. Budding players should remember that “Every Legend was once a Beginner” and their qualities in-game stand out from other playersmes.


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