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Messi with another achievement in defeating Leganes

Messi with another achievement in defeating Leganes

Lionel Messi achieved another achievement in Barcelona after participating in 500 wins for the team.

Messi scored twice and helped Barca's other 3-0 goals against Leganes for the King's Cup on Thursday.

This made Messi the first player to reach a remarkable figure, with Shavi having 476 victories and Andres Iniesta reaching 459 victories before leaving Camp Nou.

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Espanyol was the first team to lose to Barça, which included Messi, in October 2004.

Gramenet, meanwhile, is the only team to face Messi and avoid defeat by defeating Barca for the King's Cup in 2004-05.

Messi has participated in victories over 86 different teams, with Sevilla his favorite opponent.

Messi has won 29 times against the Andalusian club, also has 24 wins over Atletico Madrid and 19 against Real Madrid.

Source: FOTMOB

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