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Napoli - treble is... possible?

Napoli - treble is... possible?

We're not even halfway through the season yet, and one team is standing out in full force in Italy. The slightly forgotten giant Napoli seems to be rising from the dust and little by little, without talking about it, is reaching for the holy grail in football - the treble!

Have Napoli won the Calcio yet?

Yes. Not only the success over Juventus yesterday speaks of this. A resounding 5-1 win over the second-placed side shows what the plans are, and the consistency and consistency of performance this season is enviable. The Sky Blues are at least 9 points clear of their chasers before mid-season. This means they have to make a minimum of 4 missteps by the end of the campaign to relinquish the top spot. The problem is that so far they are only 3 - 2 draws and one loss away to Inter. And under the condition that the competitors are not wrong until the end.

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All this is topped off by the fact that in the second half of the season, Napoli will host all the top 7 teams in Serie A, with the exception of Juventus. The away games of Inter, Milan, Roma, Lazio and Atalanta have already been played. In the next 6 matches, the lead can swell, since, in addition to hosting Roma, the matches are against Salernitana, Spezia, Cremonese, Sassuolo and Empoli - teams from 14 to 20 position in the ranking.

A solid defense gives peace of mind and brings with it additional positives - peace of mind for an offense that just can't stop scoring. Osimen and Kvaratzhelia lead the Calcio top scorer and assist leader respectively, with a combined 44 goals in 18 games - nearly 2.5 goals per game.

The fickleness of the chasers cannot be ignored. Fatigue is visible not only in the top teams in Italy, but also in other championships. The fresh blood at Arsenal and Napoli seems to show that it is difficult to play at this pace for years, and football has become an extremely draining game.

So Napoli are a team in great form, fresher than the rest and certainly very hungry to do something they haven't achieved since Maradona's time in their ranks - win the title in Italy.

Champions League - Top 16

The chance for any team to win the Champions League is exactly 50 to 50 - either they will win it or they won't. In theory it is. In practice, there was no weak team left in this phase. There are a few surprises and favored rivals and Eintracht is certainly one of them. The Germans started the season quite badly, but subsequently established themselves in the Bundesliga. However, finishing with a negative goal difference in a group with Tottenham, Sporting and Marseille shows two things. First, that the flow was extremely equal, that is a fact. However, the second is that Eitracht can fall to anyone and so far they have not faced a much stronger team, which is Napoli at the moment.

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The mirage of winning the Ushata can continue and everything depends on the draw, luck, and as we know - the final is played in one match. There is hardly a team that hasn't won the club's most valuable trophy that deserves it more than Napoli.

Coppa Italia - straight song

No disrespect to the other teams in the tournament, but Napoli are currently in the incredible position of a low start to winning the cup. The round of 16 saw them host Cremonese, and in a possible quarter-final - Roma.

However, the interesting part is in the other half of the draw. Juventus, Inter, Lazio and Atalanta are gathered there, as we talked about the top 7. Milan has already dropped out of the race, and Roma is not part of this prestigious group. This means that only one of these four teams will reach the final, and they will eat each other's heads.

Luciano Spalletti has been pushing and building his tactics for years. Little by little the pieces of the puzzle are arranged - maybe not with global and expensive stars. Maybe with some luck. But certainly with a very strong game, consistency and cohesion. And appetite comes with eating. Treble for Napoli? A lot of water has to run out by then, but given the dry winter - why not?

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