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Qatar: To host the 2022 FIFA World Cup

Qatar: To host the 2022 FIFA World Cup

The smallest country to host a World Cup might struggle to find rooms for all the expected visitors. For a start, Qatar is a tiny country, and Doha, its capital, has never hosted an event on the scale of the World Cup. It was obvious the tournament would be different from the ones that had preceded it.
FIFA World Cup officials predict 160,000 visitors to be in the country. Concerns have grown so much that unlike previous World Cups, where host nations hoped visiting fans would stay on a few extra days as tourists, Qatar is instead hoping to entice visitors to attend multiple games on a single day and depart once their tickets are gone.
Issues With Qatar
Olya Morvan from The New York Times said the stadium now under construction for the 2022 World Cup in Doha, Qatar. With just over three years until the opening match, Qatar is grappling with an uncomfortable reality: the struggle to house more than a million foreign fans expected to attend.
More than 1 million foreign fans expected to descend on Qatar during the month-long tournament, the planners tasked with World Cup lodging and ticketing continue to grapple with an uncomfortable.
Politics In Qatar
Qatar has no good terms with its neighbor like Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. From Dubai, a 30-minute flight from Doha, are no longer an option because flights between Qatar and the UAE have been suspended for more than two years, and the dispute has shown no signs of ending.
Qatar World cup Organizers
Nasser al-Khater, the chief executive of the local organizing committee said “This will not be an issue. A frenzied building and rental program are expected to deliver the 100,000 rooms that FIFA requires through a mix of hotels, apartments, desert campsites and even ships that will act as floating hotels. None of them more than an hour apart. fans will be able to watch more than one live match whilst also enjoying the country’s fan zones, beaches, restaurants and cultural attractions, all in a single day,”
 Overall these problems, Qatar is also wrestling with ways to strike a balance between conservative local sensibilities and the more festive. Often alcohol-infused experience foreign fans have come to expect. To that end, another category of tickets is likely to be reserved as a so-called family section, where tickets will be sold to family groups.
In the world track championships, where there was fierce criticism about empty stadiums, organizers are making plans to fill out crowds by providing tickets to some of the imported workers who have toiled in the fierce heat to build the stadiums, roads, hotels and other infrastructure necessary to host the World Cup.

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