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Road to the Golden ball

Road to the Golden ball

Road to the Golden Ball

Last year Luka Modric won the award, who do you think that will be the winner this year?
If we talk about soccer during 2018, Real Madrid razed with everyone. They won the Champions League last year for the 13th time! After this, some of their players had a great World Cup in Russia, such as Luka Modric. This great year made Luka to win the Golden Ball.

But what happened after that incredible year? He totally disappeared and guess what? Yes, Cristiano and Messi are wrestling again for the award. Some days ago, there was a gossip that says that Cristiano will win the Golden Ball for the 6th time, but does he deserve it? Let’s figure it out with real data.

If we talk about his team work, even though he didn’t have a great year with Argentina, we all know that Barcelona won La Liga one more time and got into the Champions League semi-finals. Now, talking about his individual scores, during the 2018-2019 season, he played 50 games getting 51 goals and 22 assistances. Going through the 2019-2020 season, Messi was injured at the beginning of it, but he has played 7 games and he has scored 4 goals and 5 assistances.

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Talking about Cristiano, he also won the local league, Serie A and they got into the quarter-finals of the Champions League. But if we mention about his individual scores during the 2018-2019 season, he is way down comparing to Messi, he played 48 games and he just got 28 goals and 13 assistances. Meanwhile, in the current season he has played in 11 matches and he has scored 6 goals and just 1 assistance.

It’s obvious but anyway we will mention it. During 2018-2019 season, Messi got a 1.02 average goal score while Cristiano got .58 as an average. In this season, Messi has a .57 average and Ronaldo has .54 average. Also, we must take in mind that the assistance record is way better for Messi.

So, if we talk about these two players, we can predict that the voters will prefer Lionel Messi. BUT Lionel also have another adversary to fight for the Golden Ball, Virgil Van Dijk. The Dutch player is considered as the best defender nowadays.

Of course, Virgil has done a great job! He was the MVP in the Premier League last season and he was also the best player in Europe. Ohhh! And let’s remember that he avoided that Barcelona won last Champions League.
So, who do you think will be the Golden Ball this year? We will know it next December.

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