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Top football derbies on the weekend of January 13-15, 2023

Top football derbies on the weekend of January 13-15, 2023

An unforgettable weekend full of high-quality football awaits us. Here are the most interesting matches in the next 3 days.

Napoli v Juventus, Serie A, 21:45, Friday

We couldn't have expected anything better than this start to the weekend. Serie A's first vs. second go head-to-head to prove who is more worthy this season. Let's not forget, however, that the current champion Milan is also lurking right next to them.

Derby weekend with derby prizes from January 13 to 16, 2023!

Napoli have made an incredible start to the season and are the clear leaders at the halving of the fixtures which will happen after 2 rounds. Despite the loss to Inter, which can be counted as one of the most difficult matches of the season, everything seems well oiled and the team plays with spirit.

Juventus have had some tough seasons of late, but lately they seem to have switched gears and have slowly overtaken every team in Italy except for today's opponent. With a win today, the difference will be reduced to only 4 points, with a loss - it will become 10.

Roma - Fiorentina, Serie A, 21:45, Sunday

Same championship, same time, only on Sunday. Two of the strong teams in Calcio, although they cannot compete with the giants, will measure forces for different purposes.

Derby weekend with derby prizes from January 13 to 16, 2023!

Roma is seventh, but only 3 points separate the team from currently fourth Inter, which also means the Champions League zone. Wolves' performance can be described as mediocre so far in the season. However, the position is quite good for attacking the top places in Serie A.

Fiorentina in general has no particular goal already in the season. The battle at the top is so fierce that reaching the top spots seems ridiculous to even think about. There seems to be no intrigue for relegation even before the halving of the matches - teams with less than 10 points after 17 played matches will hardly recover.

Manchester United v Manchester City, Premier League, 2.30pm, Saturday

The dilemma of whether this or the other match in England should come first was only resolved because of the earlier day of this match.

Man United are definitely on the rise, and they have an uncapped pearl in their squad who can't stop scoring. Marcus Rashford came on for a bit in the last game and quickly put two new goals on his account.

Derby weekend with derby prizes from January 13 to 16, 2023!

Manchester City, on the other hand, gave a slight setback and in addition to losing points in the last rounds of the Premier League, they also dropped out of the League Cup tournament in England a few days ago after losing to the last in the Premiership - Southampton.

Tottenham v Arsenal, Premier League, 18:30, Sunday

A derby, and a London one at that. The Gunners may have been closer to the title under Liverpool and City's dominance, but the city rivals probably think otherwise at the moment.

Tottenham once again have the same task as in recent years - ranking for the top 4 of the Premier League. And again there are only 2 spots due to the teams that have almost certainly secured the top two spots in the standings.

However, Arsenal are flying high and have no plans to stop at the moment. Wins are achieved in the style of champions, and Mikel Arteta's squad look cohesive and complete enough to prove it. After the rejection of Man City and especially Liverpool, will there not be a new champion in England?

Real Madrid v Barcelona, Spanish Super Cup, 9pm, Sunday

And when we talk about derbies, El Clasico certainly leads the way. And where, if not in the final, will the leaders of La Liga meet?

Real fell behind in the chase with Barca after losing to Villarreal in the last round of La Liga, but there the fight is just beginning. And as we know, the White Ballet likes to win trophies.

Derby weekend with derby prizes from January 13 to 16, 2023!

Barcelona, on the other hand, are performing steadily... but not quite. Getting out of the Champions League in the group stage was certainly not in the cards and now only one goal remains - winning La Liga. And one more - the Europa League. In fact, and one more - the Spanish Super Cup today.

Benfica - Sporting, Liga Portugal, 20:00, Sunday

One of the most attractive teams in Portugal and in Europe in general are the hosts in today's match. In addition to many goals, they also produce quite a few footballers, and their talents are highly valued and are among the main targets of the giants in the world.

Benfica have one goal and that is certainly to win the domestic title. The only thing stopping them from being very far ahead in the standings so far is the loss to Braga right after the championship resumed after the FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

Sporting are 12 points clear of today's opponents, but they will certainly not forget their last two visits to this stadium, both of which were won. It is interesting that the two teams have not drawn against each other in 11 consecutive matches.

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