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On this day in the NBA: An achievement that few can boast

On this day in the NBA: An achievement that few can boast

Today, the name Vince Carter is synonymous with basketball longevity. Despite his many seasons, he is not the player with the most games in history. This honor belongs to the former center of Golden State, Boston, Charlotte and Chicago - Robert Parish.

The reason to think of him today is the achievement, which he recorded on April 6, 1996 while wearing the Charlotte Hornets team. Stepping onto the pitch that night and recording minutes into the game, he became the sole leader in NBA playoff games, recording a career-high 1,561 in his career. With this achievement, another legendary player, Karim Abdul-Jabar, is overtaken.

One season later, at the age of 44, Parish put an end to his career after recording a record 1,611 professional matches. An achievement that is still valid today and it seems that it will not be missed any time soon. Until recently, Vince Carter had 1541 games to beat, but this season is expected to be the last of his career. He is also third in the ranking. The fourth is Dirk Nowitzki and the fifth is John Stockton. There are no active basketball players in the top 10 in played matches. Of the players currently closest is Jamal Crofford who is 18th with 1326 appearances.

Here are the Top 20 Most Players in the NBA:
Robert Parish - 1611
Karim Abdul-Jabar - 1560
Vince Carter - 1541
Dirk Nowitzki - 1522
John Stockton - 1504
Karl Malone - 1476
Kevin Garnett - 1462
Kevin Willis - 1424
Jason Terry - 1410
Tim Duncan - 1392
Jason Kid - 1391
Reggie Miller - 1389
Clifford Robinson -1380
Kobe Bryant - 1346
Paul Pierce - 1343
Gary Peyton - 1335
Moses Malone - 1329
Jamal Crawford - 1326
Buck Williams - 1307
Andre Miller - 1304

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