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14 years of Levski's landmark success over Udinese

14 years of Levski's landmark success over Udinese

Today (March 16) marks the 14th anniversary of Levski's victory over Udinese for the UEFA Cup.

The first meeting in Udine ends with zero draw, which does not sound optimistic for the Bulgarian team. A possible goal of Udinese in the return game will give a serious advantage to the Italian club and will complicate the task of Stanimir Stoilov and company.

Unfortunately for the 40,000 people who took their seats on Vasil Levski, this development seems quite realistic, after Fernando Tisone gave the guests an advance in the 22nd minute of the match. Udinese go home with a naked lead on the break and can afford to collect hits in the remaining time.

The second part, however, started off a whirlwind for Stoilov's elected officials. In the 51st minute Daniel Borimirov evened the score after taking advantage of an error in the opponent's defense. 12 minutes later, the victory was won by Igor Tomasic. The defender receives center-back and knocks out the Italian defense.

The 2-1 success of Vasil Levski sends the Blues to the 1/4 final for the UEFA Cup, which is lost by a total score of 2: 4 from the German Grand Schalke. The refereeing harms the Bulgarian team, but Levski's performance in the 2005/2006 season will remain forever in the history of native football.

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