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The matches today - October 3, 2020

The matches today - October 3, 2020

Chelsea - Crystal Palace, England, Premier League, 2:30 p.m.

The matches of the top championships on Saturday start at 14:30 with a London derby. Chelsea have not played badly since the start of the season, but the results are not particularly impressive. The Blues have 4 points from 3 games in the Premiership and are after Crystal Palace in the standings. They were knocked out by Tottenham during the week in a League Cup match on penalties. The condensed cycle has made the players more tired, and the disappointment of losing to the Spurs will weigh on them.

Palace, for their part, played quite well in the league and beat Southampton and Man United at Old Trafford. The loss in the last round of the very strong Everton probably sobered the players. They are in a series of 5 consecutive losses to Chelsea. However, the guests do not come doomed to Stamford Bridge. In fact, in the last 5 games here, they have 2 wins.
Basaksehir - Goztepe, Turkey, Super League, 4 p.m.
Last in the standings with three losses from three matches, no goals scored and conceded 6. This description does not suit the champion of Turkey. That is where Basaksehir is located. The team controls the ball, creates situations, but just so far fails to score. However, they remain favorites today and won both games last season.

Goztepe has yet to meet any of the grandees in Turkey. However, the team is doing quite well and has 5 points and a goal difference of 8: 4. The guests won the previous season in Istanbul with 2: 0. Home victory today is estimated at 1.80 odds. The match is from 4 p.m.
Bayer Leverkusen - Stuttgart, Germany, Bundesliga, 4:30 p.m.
Leverkusen are generally quite a productive team. They finished with 61 goals scored last season. So now it seems strange that after 2 rounds played, they have 2 accurate and 1: 1 goal difference. However, the Aspirins scored in the cup match against Norderstedt, where they won 7-0. Shortly before the pandemic, they recorded a difficult success against Stuttgart in the round of 16 for the cup with 2: 1.

The guests spent only one season in the second Bundesliga and have no intention of returning there. They compensate for the goals in the match and after two matches they have a goal difference of 6: 4. In fact, even with the loss to Freiburg, the team created a huge number of goal positions and gave the impression of control over the match. Stuttgart have only 1 win in 17 games against Leverkusen since 2010.
Everton - Brighton, England, Premier League, 5 p.m.
Both teams are not the top favorites in England. But Leicester wasn't a few seasons ago. The fact is that Everton started the season impressively. After 3 games played, they are leaders in the standings with 3 wins and a goal difference of 8: 3. To these matches we can add both successes in the League Cup - with a total of 8: 2. Carlo Ancelotti has obviously done his job and the Caramels will be a factor this season.

Brighton has only one victory so far - success over Newcastle as a guest. However, they played Chelsea and Manchester United in the other two games. It was against the Red Devils that Brighton showed a very strong game and in fact lost in both games somewhat unhappily.

An interesting tradition between the two teams - from 6 games so far 5 are won by the host in the match, we have a draw in 2017. Everton have 100% assets at home and this tradition will probably continue. Success for the Caramels is at odds of 1.81.
Atletico Madrid - Villarreal, Spain, La Liga, 5 p.m.
Everything looked rosy for Atletico on Sunday. Dream debut for Luis Suarez with two goals and an assist, success with 6: 1 over Granada. Only 3 days later, however, things seemed to change. The mattresses finished 0: 0 with the newcomer Huesca. More disturbing, however, is that they fired only 2 shots at the outline of the door. An interesting fact is that a victory in the match today will shoot them temporarily at the top of the standings in La Liga before playing the other matches.

It is at the top - with equal points with the leaders, is Villarreal. Only the 0: 4 loss to Barcelona overshadows the good start to the season. the teams of Eibar and Alaves were defeated. Atletico Madrid may look like a favorite on paper and as a team class. However, Villarreal has 4 wins against only 2 for Sofia in the last 10 clashes between the two teams. In Madrid, on the other hand, from the last 6 matches, each recorded 2 wins, 2 losses and 2 draws.
Spartak Moscow - Zenit, Russia, Premier League, 7 p.m.

With 9 games played and 20 points each, both teams are at the top of the standings, with only the goal difference separating them so far. Just a few months ago, the Muscovites finished seventh last season, 33 points behind the champions. Today, the ranking prompts something else - a clash awaits us, after which one of the teams can come forward with one breast in the fight for the title. In the last 4 matches in two years Zenit has 3 minimal victories with 1 goal difference. They recorded only 1 loss in the league in 2020 - from Dynamo Moscow at the beginning of the season. Spartak, on the other hand, has only 1 loss and 2 draws in the last 2 months in all tournaments. Bookmakers give the guests an advantage and a 2.08 odds for their success.

Leeds - Manchester City, England, Premier League, 19:30
How long have only the hosts been waiting for this match. The last collision on Elan Road was 16 years ago! For a long time, the Peacocks were a member of the second tier of English football. They made their return properly - with a spectacle with 7 goals against the champion Liverpool. Although they lost, Leeds hinted to their next opponents that it would not be easy against them. They have already won two matches and with the accumulated 6 points they are 3 ahead of the Citizens.

Man City seems to have slowed down in recent years. Last season, they recorded 9 losses, although they finished in second place. The 102 goals they scored then and another 77 from Leeds during the campaign can hint at what to expect today.
Levski - Botev Vratsa, Bulgaria, EFBet League, 8:15 p.m.
The very fact that against a team like Botev Vratsa and at Gerena the coefficient for success of the Blues is 1.62 comes to show us that something is wrong with Levski. The loss in the last round in Plovdiv came after 3 consecutive successes in Group A. The situation with the Blues is changing for hours, there are misunderstandings on all floors, and this can not but affect the players. The selection, by the way, turned out to be quite stable and the team does not play badly at all.

Botev are equal points - 10 with his host today. Vratsa recorded a strong start with 3 wins, 3 losses and 1 draw. They have a victory over Gerena 2 seasons ago, and in March they finished 0-0 with Levski.
 Porto - Maritimo, PORTUGAL, Primeira Liga, 8:30 p.m.
We celebrate this match because of the hosts. Porto has already dealt with Benfica for the Portuguese Cup and with Braga and Boavista and has applied for a new title for the country. It will be quite difficult for the rivals to fit into the team's class, and Maritimo today has 2 draws and 7 losses since 2016.
Valencia - Betis, SPAIN, La Liga, 10 p.m.
The two teams exchanged one home success with 2: 1 during the past campaign. Valencia are only 3 points away from the Europa League, and this season they started quite well. Although they have more matches than the other teams, the Bats are at the top of the standings with 3 more teams.

Betis started the season better than last year and has already collected 6 points. Unpleasant fact for the team is that they were allowed 3 goals in the last 2 rounds against Real and Getafe.

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